Melanie Mitro: Rising to the Challenge

Three-year-old Landon and one-year-old Bryce are the two little boys that light up Melanie Mitro’s life each and every day. But when it came to losing the baby weight from her second pregnancy, her outlook wasn’t so bright.

“I was miserable, just sitting on my couch, eating celery, complaining on Facebook®, when out of nowhere an old college friend wrote me and invited me to join a Beachbody® Challenge Group. That message changed my life.”

As a stay-at-home mom, Melanie couldn’t afford the expense of a gym, let alone the time away from home. So while the boys napped, she would sneak down to the basement to take on her INSANITY® workout.

“I finished the whole 60-day program, and lost 12 pounds.”

Proud of what she achieved, Melanie posted her impressive “before” and “after” pictures on Facebook, and she was overwhelmed by the response.

“‘How did you do that? What did you do?’ Everyone was asking how they could transform their bodies. So I forwarded them to my Coach. And she just said, ‘Seriously, you should be a Coach.'”

Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

When Melanie started Coaching, it wasn’t about making money. It was focused on helping people get healthy and lose weight in their own homes.

“My first Challenge Group, I invited a bunch of my friends to join, and only one person finished. One! But I didn’t get discouraged. With each new Group, there were more and more successful finishers.”

Learning from each experience, Melanie refined her techniques and is now running a whopping 7 Challenge Groups at once.

“There’s the Train Insane INSANITY Group, or as some members call it, Train Insane or Remain the Same. Then I have a P90X® and P90X2® group. I have a TurboFire® group for my sorority sisters because we all love to dance. The Battle of the Bulge group is for my moms trying to get back into shape. And my Spring Slimdown Challenge and Brazil Butt Lift® Groups are a blast. So yeah, I’m busy.”

So what’s her Challenge Group winning formula? Like everything else in Melanie’s life, she attributes her success to setting a goal and doing everything in her power to achieve it.

Different Ways to Inspire Challenge Group Members

“I post a new question every day during the 90-day challenge. I also started Mindset Mondays, where I post a video focusing on different topics each week. It’s how I connect with my Groups and see how they’re feeling, emotionally and physically.”

Melanie believes that creating better partnerships within each Challenge Group is critical to having her team members succeed.

“I match everyone with an accountability partner, someone they can bounce ideas off of and motivate. I get them to post pictures of their food, their meal plans, their grocery lists. I found connecting people keeps them committed.”

Challenge Packs Change Everything

By creating more Challenge Groups, Melanie has been able to sell more Challenge Packs and ultimately, grow her business beyond her wildest dreams.

“Business shot up 600%. But most importantly, people are graduating from my Groups with some amazing ‘before’ and ‘after’ bodies.”

Just 8 weeks after selling Challenge Packs, Melanie became a Diamond Coach. She chalks it up to a healthy dose of commitment, determination, and good old fashioned hard work.

“You’ve got to work at it. That’s why I do something every day. Blog post, email, video, whatever. I’m always looking for new ways to improve what I do.”

She also stresses the importance of finding your own specific market. For Melanie, that means using her personal experiences to help other women.

“Everyone needs to find their niche. I’m a mom, so I write a lot of about what I’m doing to improve my life, like finding new ways to feed my family healthy meals. It helps create a closer personal connection with your customers.”

My Way of Finding More People

Recruiting new members for a Challenge Group can, well . . . be a challenge. For Melanie, it’s no exception. So when it came to extending her network and meeting more prospects, she follows her cardinal rule, Never Say No.

“Anytime somebody asks me to a party, event, whatever it is—I say YES, because you never know when there’ll be an opportunity to talk about what you do. It’s a nice segue into talking about the programs.”

She brings this same savvy thinking to marketing her Challenge Groups online.

“I use a lot of social media. I used to email people and ask around, but now that my name’s getting out there, all I have to do is post a new Challenge Group on Facebook, and I have 5 people eager to get started.”

But Melanie is the type of Coach who doesn’t just talk the talk; she really does practice what she preaches.

“I’m always doing a Beachbody program. I’m always posting my workouts on Facebook. I’m sharing what I eat. This way it’s always in people’s minds that this is what I do constantly.”

By using her own results, she can help her customers work through their initial hesitations, whether it’s time, money, or any other anxiety that’s standing in their way.

“If people are interested in the Group, I try to speak to them on the phone. When they hear how passionate I am, people realize that I can help them. I lost 30 pounds on these programs. They can find success too.”

Casual Conversations Sell Challenge Packs

By simply talking to people, Melanie has successfully sold almost 50 Challenge Packs and in turn had many happy graduates. Now these graduates are becoming Coaches themselves, using Melanie’s training techniques to help their own customers succeed.

“By the third month of the Challenge, you can see the people who are motivated. They kind of lead the group. Actually, they almost take over. Those are the people I approach about Coaching, because I can see they naturally have that in them. It’s good for them. Good for me. And it’s just one of the ways I continue to grow.”

Melanie also has regular check-ins with her upline Coach Nikki and Nikki’s upline Katie. The three of them work together by texting, sharing a private Facebook group, and meeting in person at least once a month to share new ideas and support each other.

“We’re the best of friends, and that’s been instrumental in my success.”

It’s a support system that reaches beyond their professional lives into their personal goals as well.

“We text each other when we wake up and work out. We send each other accountability pictures. We set goals for each other as Coaches and push each other to meet them. We even made dream boards together outlining our 2012 vision.”

Being the powerhouse she is, Melanie won’t just meet those goals—she’ll crush them.

Coach’s Playbook:

Use the Challenge video. It’s full of helpful great information and an incredibly valuable resource. Use it!

Consistency is key. Log your workouts, post every day, be positive. Lead by example. If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT!

Find your niche. Whether it’s eating clean or being a mom, explore what you’re drawn to. Chances are other people will be drawn to it as well.

Don’t fall off the wagon. Surround yourself with people who are motivated, and use that to fuel your fire. Manage your time. Be present. Set goals. Push yourself to the maximum.

Use the Coaching tools. Don’t skip steps. Watch the entire Coach Training Academy video before you do the GSR. Then post the badge on your Facebook. It gives you credibility and shows your commitment.